The Southeastern Climbers Coalition presents:

“Float the Boat” 2018 Bouldering Competition

Hosted By:

Mellow Mushroom / Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Float the Boat Pre-Party, Friday, February 23th

Float the Boat Pre-Party is Back! Thanks to Concourse Athletic Club, we’ll have a great night of good food, drinks and community before your favorite ATL outdoor bouldering competition! Before our guest speaker, Sam England, takes us on a visual adventure to Baffin Island, we’ll be opening up a group discussion to talk about our beloved Boat Rock.This community meeting is free for all, in light of recent events at Boat Rock, we wanted to reach out as your local climbing advocacy group, and engage a community discussion. We want to keep Boat Rock a safe and fun place for the ATL community. Two heads are better than one, so let’s talk! We’ll also have delicious food, adult beverages, and a raffle available for $10 (see ticket information below) or $12 at the door.


We’re excited to welcome local Southeast climbing, Sam England, as our guest speaker. In the summer of 2017, Ryan Little and Sam spent over a month on a climbing expedition to Baffin Island off the Arctic northeastern coast of Canada. There, they established a route, “Marooned at Midnight” (VI A3 5.11R), on an unclimbed big-wall in a region never previously explored by climbers. Sam will be showcasing photos, videos, and stories from the trip.

6:30 Doors Open, Food & Beverage Available (tickets info below)
7:00 – 8:00 Community Meeting
8:30-9:30 Sam England Slideshow and Raffle

Come on out to show your love for Boat Rock and the SCC.

Click the link on our page to get a ticket:
*Community meeting admission is free to all, but $10 tickets will give guests a wristband for food, drink, raffle and slideshow (included in ticket price below). 

$10 ($12 at the door) covers: 

Food (vegetarian options available!)
2 drink tickets for beer and wine (full bar available if you want to buy additional drinks)
Slide-show presentation
1 raffle ticket

“Float the Boat” 2018 Competition Information:

Date: February 24th, 2018

Registration: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Shuttle Begins: 8:30 AM
Comp Start Time: 9:30 AM
Comp End Time: 3:30 PM

Location: Mellow Mushroom and Boat Rock Preserve

Please park and ride High Country Outfitter’s complimentary shuttle at:

HGI/Mellow Mushroom Headquarters

5375 Drake Drive, Atlanta, 30336

Parking***, awards, food, after-party and assorted shenanigans at Mellow Mushroom’s World Headquarters, just 2.4 miles from Boat Rock in the industrial park off of Fulton Industrial Dr. (with the huge red pipe sculpture at the entrance). A shuttle will be provided for climbers and spectators from Mellow Mushroom to Boat Rock.

***No parking will be available at Boat Rock!!!

“Float the Boat” 2018 After-Party at Mellow Mushroom’s Headquarters:

Date: February 24th, 2018

Time: 3 PM – 8 PM

“Float the Boat” 2017 After-Party is once again hosted at Mellow Mushroom’s Headquarters just minutes from Boat Rock Preserve.  Mellow Mushroom will be serving pizza while Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. quenches our thirst.  Be sure to visit our Sponsors’ Display Tents while enjoying DJ entertainment, games and assorted shenanigans! Here we will announce the competition results, draw a raffle and an SCC Member’s Only Raffle! Overall, this will be a time of fellowship with old and new friends; a place where the greater southeastern climbing community can rally together and support our beloved and historic Boat Rock.

 “Float the Boat” 2018 Competition Categories:

***Choose One Category for each Registrant / Competitor***

  • Kids (12 and Under)

  • Beginner – VO to V2

  • Intermediate – V3 to V4

  • Advanced – V5 to V6

  • Open – V7+

  • Iron Man – Complete as many boulder problems in the allotted time; highest points wins!

  • Iron Maiden – Complete as many boulder problems in the allotted time; highest points wins!

  • Iron Team – Two-person teams complete as many boulder problems in the allotted time.  One person climbing V3 and below, and the other climbing V4 and above (both competitors must register); highest combined points wins!

  • Rowboats  – Complete 20 pre-selected V0 to V3 boulder problems in the allotted time; first person to complete ALL boulder problems, wins!

  • Tugboats – Complete 20 pre-selected V3 to V6 boulder problems in the allotted time; first person to complete ALL boulder problems, wins!

  • Rock Gods – Over age 45 – V0 to V-Hard

  • Black Diamond Crack Challenge – Climb 25 classic Boat Rock Crack climbs ranging from V-Easy to V-Hard; first person to complete ALL boulder problems, wins!

  • Shadow USA- NEW CATEGORY- Iron man format- Each member of the two-person team must complete every problem; highest point wins
  • Flash- NEW CATEGORY-  Iron Man Format- you MUST complete first go; highest points wins
  • Open Projects – There are several un-climbed projects at Boat Rock. The SCC is offering a cash prize to any of the competitors who complete a Boat Rock project!

“Float the Boat” 2018 Competition Schedule:

Registration: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Shuttle Begins: 8:30 AM
Comp Start Time: 9:30 AM***
Comp End Time: 3:30 PM
Mellow Mushroom After-Party: 3:00 PM – 8 PM
Raffle, Competition Results, and Awards: 5:00 PM

***If you are competing in a time-sensitive category, the timer begins promptly at 9:30 AM!!! No exemptions!!! Plan to be on time!!!

 **********IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS!**********

Remember, bouldering and climbing are dangerous!!! Climb at your own risk.

It is understood all competitors are expected to climb in groups and spot each other. Bouldering Pads are required to aid a soft landing.

By entering the competition as a competitor, or spectator, you agree to not hold liable the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, it’s sponsors, or it’s organizers in the case of injury. The state of Georgia’s Recreational Statutes protect private landowners from lawsuits due to injury on their lands.

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