About Boat Rock

History and Access Information:

Boat Rock is a small urban boulderfield located in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. This area has come under considerable pressure in recent years from residential subdivision construction. Boat Rock has a long history of climbing and held one of the first bouldering competitions in the U.S. back in 1985. Names like Robyn Ebersfield, Ron Kauk, Bob Cormany, Curtis Glass, Shannon Stegg, Rich Gottlieb and Jerry Roberts ring throughout the nearly mile long stretch of egg shaped granite boulders. The climbing at Boat Rock is very technical and takes a great deal of balance and foot work. A miscue can cost you flesh or shoe rubber. But the rewards far outweigh the risk as this area will literally “blow open your bouldering palette” and definitely make you not only a better but more humble climber. There are lots of delicate slabs; but just when you think you’ve figured out Boat Rock, you come across a climb like the bulgy “Paint Can” which are sure to stretch your climbing imagination.

With all good things, there is a dark side. Within the past few years, the urban sprawl of Atlanta began to consume the once isolated bouldering area. Much of the “Back Side” has been recently subdivided into residential subdivision while the area around the lake is slated for high density commercial use. The SCC has continued to work with the developer to save the area around the lake and make it a park for the public. The local climbing community galvanized when the opportunity to purchase a forested tract along Boat Rock Road came up for sale. The 7.8-acre tract is now open to the public and located on 1220 Boat Rock Road.

In 2005 a local climber donated 4.5 acres to help with expanding the park. In 2006 another local climbers purchased a house adjacent to Boat Rock and the boulders surrounding it. This area is now open to climbing and the house is rented by climbers. In January of 2007, The SCC raised the final funds to pay off the mortgage on the 7.8 acre tract and Boat Rock is debt free. In Feb 2007 the SCC opened the Woods Hill sector via a lease.

General Regulations:

1. Carpool and park in the new gravel lot at 1221 Boat Rock Road.
2. Respect all private landowners in the area and be courteous.
3. Do not leave valuables in your car.

Climbing Regulations:

1. Please use a bouldering pad and spotter for safety.
2. No climbing after dark.
3. Be carefull cleaning new problems, stay away from fern laden tops (Resurrection fern) of boulders.
4. No steel brushes at Boat Rock! If you scrub holds, use a plastic brush or toothbrush.

Leave No Trace:

  • Keep this area beautiful and clean. Clean up after yourselves, your peers, and your pets. Lead by example and pick it up on the first pass.

  • Please read our crag minimal impact flier

Driving Directions:

  • From the intersection of Interstate 20 and Fulton Industrial Boulevard go south for 3.8 miles, turn left onto Bakers Ferry Road SW, go 0.5 miles, turn left on Boat Rock Road SW, go 0.4 miles, look for small gravel driveway on the right, pull into small 6 car parking lot. There is a small kiosk at the edge of the lot with a rough map of the area and a trail leading up to the boulders. The lake area is located a few hundred yards to the southeast.